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The world of the dead.
A realm between this life and the next.

In this world, Lost Souls wander the wastelands looking for the afterlife. Among them are the Reapers. The Reapers serve a single purpose... and that is to usher the Lost Souls into the afterlife.

But with all the powers the Reapers have, they are under a terrible curse. There can only be seven Reapers at a time. If there are more than seven, a countdown begins. If the Reapers aren't culled by the time the countdown reaches zero, all the Reapers will perish.

The unfortunate Reaper who has been bestowed the dark task of culling the numbers is called the Red Reaper.

As for you,
you are the eighth Reaper.
The countdown has begun.


Red Reaper is a story-rich turn-based RPG designed for people who don't normally play RPGs. The game has a simple battle system with no experience grinding or leveling up. It may be simple, but it won't always be easy. Strategy is more important than numbers!

You can go through the entire game without killing ANYBODY! Or you could kill everybody. Or not everybody, just some people. Whatever you want. Some choices will affect the story.

🔺CURRENT VERSION 0.2.17 (02/23/2020)🔺

This version contains Chapter 1 & Chapter 2. Enjoy! If you have save files from a PREVIOUS update, you can transfer them over to the new version and play from where you left off!


[Credits can be found here]

Install instructions


  1.  Extract ALL files from the .zip file.
  2. Open the "Red Reaper" folder.
  3. Open the "game.exe" file.
  4. Enjoy!


  1.  Extract ALL files from the .zip file.
  2. Open the game app.
  3. Enjoy!


    Red Reaper (ver. 0.2.17) (Windows).zip 446 MB
    Red Reaper (ver. 0.2.17) (MacOS).zip 580 MB

    Development log


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    Is there a hotkey for stealth I've yet to locate or is agro line of sight and my lag just isn't letting me see them charge in?

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    No, there's no hotkey for stealth. Special key "Q" is used for special items later on in the game. Line of sight is about 6 tiles in front of an enemy (unless in dark areas). Once you're spotted, an enemy will run towards you and if they touch you, an encounter will happen. If you can't see the enemy charge at you, then it's most likely lag on your part.


    everytime i try to launch the game an error message pops up and says that it couldn't launch bc the file nw_elf.dll was not found and to reinstall but the file is there? also ive reinstalled twice and it still is telling me the same error

    https://i.imgur.com/3DtzyQe.png?2 screenshot of the error message with the file it says it can't find

    Hi! It seems you're trying to run it from an archiving program (BreeZip). Please extract ALL the files before running Game.exe.

    If that doesn't work, try the following

    -Use the itch.io app to run the game (it's like Steam but for itch.io)

    -Check if your antivirus is removing the .dll file in question


    Oh and i found a bug, in chapter 2 after arriving with the boat, go east twice, the third map it is. At the very start, go right and there is a tile bug, you can go through even if you're not mean to.(stupid bug but i found it, and wanna help a little)

    here it is:


    sorry, can't really attach an image to this. anyways, keep it up the good work and i hope you didn't leave this project. :) Thanks for making this game.

    (I wrote this in the rate, i'm pretty stupid sorry)

    (2 edits)

    Yep. This is caused by the scratchy texture tile as it's considered passable terrain. Nice find! Thought I got rid of all of those. Thanks! Will include the fix in the Chapter 2 update which is coming any day now.


    Heavy stuttering on 2nd map at the beginning and mt Vulcan

    Ah, dang, that's probably because of the minimap. It causes some problems on other PCs. Will be working on an overhaul soon. Thanks for the feedback!