A downloadable game for Windows

Loosely based on the novel, "Death, She Wears a Poinsettia."

The world of the dead.
A realm between this life and the next.

In this world, Lost Souls wander its vast wastelands looking for the paradisal afterlife. Among them are the Reapers. The Reapers serve a single purpose... and that is to usher the Lost Souls into the afterlife.

But with all the powers the Reapers have, they are under a terrible curse. There can only be seven Reapers at a time. If there are more than seven, a countdown begins. If the Reapers aren't culled by the time the countdown reaches zero, all the Reapers will perish.

The unfortunate Reaper who has been bestowed the dark task of culling the numbers is called the Red Reaper.

[DEMO VER. 0.2.8]
The demo contains Chapter 1 and most of Chapter 2. Enjoy!

Full list of credits for assets, music, etc. can be found here:

Install instructions

1. Unpack the .rar.

2. Open the "Red Reaper" folder.

3. Double-click the "game.exe" file.

4. Enjoy!


Red Reaper (ver. 0.2.9).rar 321 MB


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Heavy stuttering on 2nd map at the beginning and mt Vulcan

Ah, dang, that's probably because of the minimap. It causes some problems on other PCs. Will be working on an overhaul soon. Thanks for the feedback!